Python Programming Language

Steps for Running Python Programs :

Step 1 :

- Download the Python IDE,  For Download Click Here .
- Install the Python IDE.
- After that go to START MENU-> ALL Application -> Python 3.6 -> IDLE (Python 3.6.0) (Note : Here We are use   the Python 3.6.0 version.)

Step 2 :

Our Code :

print("Hello Python !!")

We are Writing the our first program Hello Python !!

Python Hello World First Program

Now you are become a Python Programmer....

Step 3 :

Python Program Save As the .py Extension.

Information About behind the Python Code

Python Virtual Machine (PVM) :

- When your program has been compiled to byte code that has been loaded from existing .pyc files, it's shipped   off for execution that known as the Python Virtual Machine.
- The Python Virtual Machine is the runtime engine.
- That always reside in the Python system.
- In Technical terms it's last step of the "Python interpreter."

Python Virtual Machine (PVM)