Python Programming Language

Pre-required knowledge about Python Language

Why we learn Python ?

Today more than 5 million People are used Python language, There is no way to given accurate and complete answer of this question but the choice of developer is  sometimes based on unique  constraints or  personal   preference. Here below shown why we use python.

Features of the Python :
Software Quality :

- Python basically target the readability, coherence, and software quality.
- Python language code is designed to be readable, reusable and maintainable i.e. we can say Traditional   Scripting Language to Python.
- Python code easy to understand.
- Python support the object-oriented programming (OOP).

Developer Productivity :

- Python reduce the time of compilation compare to static type languages such as C, C++, and Java.
- Python code is typically 1/3 or 1/5 the size of equivalent C++ or Java code.
- Python programs also run quickly, without more compilation and linking steps required by other tools.

Program Portability :

- 95 % to 98 % python programs run unchanged on all major computer platforms.
- Porting of the Python code between Linux and Windows also possible (This means that copying a script’s code     between machines).
- Python provide the facilites to perform multiple options for coding portable GUI, DB access programs, web     based systems etc.

Rich set of Libraries Support :

- Python have the large collection of prebuilt and portable functionality, known as the standard library. (     Standard Library have application-level programming tasks,text pattern matching to network scripting, etc.)
- Also Python have the homegrown libraries and a vast collection of third-party application support software     (for gamming devlopment, website construction, numeric programming, serial port access, etc.)

Component Integration :

- Python scripts have the ability of easily communicate with other portion/part of an application.
- Now a days Python code can be also invoke or integrate with the C, C++ libraries, Java and .NET components.

Interview Realated :

Can we say Python is a "Scripting Language" ?

- Python Language is a general purpose programming language that is often applied in scripting roles.
- It's define as an object-oriented(OO) scripting language a definition that blends support for Obeject Oriented     Programming(OOP) with an overall orientation toward scripting roles.
- In fact, people are use the word "script" instead of "program" to describe or show the Python code.