C Programming Language


A variable is the storage area that on we can perform the different types of the operation. In C Language each variable has a specific type and meaning, that determines the size of the variable's.

Types Descriptions
int an typically reflecting only digits
float single pricision floating point
duble double pricision floating point
char a single byte,capable of holdingone character set

Variable Definition in C

A variable defines to the compiler where and how much storage to create for the variable. A variable specify a data type that type as follows:

type variable_name;

Type must be a valid C Langugae data type including int, float, double, char, char, bool, or any user-defined variable and variable_name may consist of one or more identifier names that will separate by commas. Declarations are shown here:

int x, y, z;
char c, cha;
float f, average;
double sal;

Intialization of the Varible as follows :

type variable_name = value;