Open Soruce IoT Project work in 2017-18 (Now Build IoT Application)

Open Soruce IoT Project work in 2017-18

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          Year of 2017-18 is great revolution for the devloper to work with the Internet Of Things. One common way for the IoT Devlopers to contribute open source IoT Projects. Here listed IoT OpenSource different Projects.

Eclipse Kura :

Eclipse Kura is the platform to devloping the remote management gateway and provide the API to bulid your own IoT Application and deploying it.

Eclipse Kura runs on the JVM and use the OCGi. API of the Eclipse kura provides the such access to undelaying hardware like GPS,USB,serial ports,GPIOs and I2C.

It's simplify the communication with the servers and remote gateway management through the OSGI.

Language used by Eciplse kura is : Java, HTML, C, JavaScript, C++

To know more about Eclipse Kura and Work with them on GitHub

Open Hybrid Platform :

Open Hybrid project provides the flexible user interface with physical objects. Basically it's work for intracting with everyday objects.

Open Hybrid provides the SmartPhone applications onto the devices and we are intract through knobs and buttons.

Interface of Open Hybrid is view with the help of smartphone and lense of a tablets.

Language used by Open Hybrid is : C, C++, JavaScript

To know more about Open Hybrid and Work with them on GitHub
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Node-RED :

Node-RED is platform, help to building a visual application for IoT systems by wiring of hardware devices and APIs.

Node-RED prvoides the browser based editor through the JavaScript functions. It has also built in library for reuse of the functions.

Node-RED is ideal for the low cost hardware such a Raspberry Pi and Cloud Computing.

Language used by Node-RED is : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

To know more about Node-RED and Work with them on GitHub

Wio Link Platform:

Wio Link Platform is based on WiFi Devlopment.It helps to create IoT application based on plug-n-play modules with RESTful APIs on Mobile Apps.

Wio Link features is the no need of hardware programming, jumper wires, breadboard and soldering.

Just install Application on your Smart Phone devices and create application in 5 Minutes.

Language used by Wio Link is : C, C++, HTML, Python

To know more about Wio-Link and Work with them on GitHub

AllSeen Alliance (AllJoyn)

AllJoyn is one type of Open Source FrameWork which helps to enable Smart Devices and framework to discover, communicate and collaborate with each other.

AllJoyn is Qualcomn based and it's supported OEM and ODM partners such as Xiaomi, LG, Foxconn and LeTV.

Language used by AllJOyn is : C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript

To know more about AllSeen Alliance (AllJoyn) and Work with them on GitHub
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