What you need to know about Ransomware ?


          Here we show the everythings about the Ransomware which will should know to every People for preventing and stoping the Ransomware.


What is Ransomware ?

- Ransomware is a type of malicious virus designed to block or lock the access of computer system until a money you will be pay.



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History of Ransomware :

- The ransomware is developed in 1990. With the help of public-key cryptography for computer attacks was introduce in 1996 by Adam L. Young and Moti Yung .


CryptoLocker :

- CryptoLocker is a ransomware Trojan virus that launch in September 2013. Combination of capabilities they will more powerful asymmetric encryption methods and using of the new cyber currency as Bitcoin to payment.


- CryptoLocker estimated earning is near about $27 million in Bitcoin before it was shut down.

- Ransomware are directly related with CryptoLocker. Abve Image shows the CryptoLocker of derivative ransomware, include the CTB-Locker, CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt, CryptDefense, AlphaCrypt, and TorrentLocker.


Growth Rate of the Ransomware :


- The world first ransomware make in the JavaScript.
- Which is,

  • Fully locking the devices
  • Reducing the CPU capabilities
  • Latent timeout
  • Showing lock screen before encryption
  • Show a message box
      - Ransomware devlopers are now officially organized crime, and they have made it easy for wannacry and affiliates to participate in their crime and spread malware over the internet.


How Ransomware will work ?


How many Country Affected by Ransomware ?



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Rensomware Removal or Preventing Tools :

  • - AVG Ransomware decryption tools
  • - Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tools
  • - Avast Anti-Ransomware Tools
  • - Bit Defender AntiRansomware Tools
  • - Kaspersky AntiRansomware Tools
  • - MalwareByte AntiRansomware Tools


The Ultimate Ransomware Defense :

  • Real-Time Behavioral Detection
  • Predictive Execution Inspection
  • Cloud Intelligence
  • Kernel-Space Operation
  • Roll-back
  • Broad Platform Support
  • Automatic Response and Mitigation


What You can not do from Internet :

- Do not Download & Open any Unknown file from the internet.

- Always Check Extension before download anythings on the internet.

- Never Open Spam Email and Not responds unknown Mails (Spam filtering and web gateway filtering.)

- Now days makes less digital Transactions and avoid Downloadings(Apply all current operating system and application patches).



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