What is Android GO ? and How is differ from Android O ?



           Currently right now in the world there is 2 Billion Android devices work and Google now taking responsibilties about next 2 billion devices and there fore Google released the Project Android GO.


Android GO:

- Android GO is lightweight version of the Android O.

- Generally in Android GO most of Optimized Apps will be the present.

- Google now thinking for the very low specs devices which have the 1GB or less than 1GB of RAM, For perticular that devices Android GO will launching.

- In Android GO most of APK file size is less than 10 MB and it should available in Play Store.



Example of Android GO : Youtube GO

- Youtube GO is lightweight version of the Youtube App and now it's available in the Play Store as early access of the Google Apps.

- Biggest advantages is the Youtube Go we can download video and watch later. This features already availabe for Paid Youtube Red Subscribers but it will free on Android GO Smart Phone.

- If you are watching videos with a friend, you can also share the videos between multiple Android Go devices using peer-to-peer transfers.


More Facts About Android GO :

- Android GO is specially devloped for the cheap and slow networks phones.

- Google has not announced right now Hardware Partner of Android GO.

- In the Play Store also features apps for the Power and Data Consumption.

- Data Management is the big features of the Android GO.

- There are the lots of features will not announced the right know by Google but Google have Prime target is the India and after that US for providing way of the Platform.

- Google will also launch this project for every country one by one but officially not declare how it will do.


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