What can You do with Python ?


          Python programming language is useful for accomplishing real world tasks the sorts of things developers do day in and day out. Python language roles are virtually unlimited like you can use Python for everything from website development and gaming to robotics and spacecraft control.



Systems Programming :

- Python have the built-in interfaces to OS(Operating System) services make it ideal for writing portable, maintainable system admin tools and utility sometimes called as a shell tools.

- Python programs have the ability to search files and directory trees, launching of other programs, work with parallel processing with processes and Multi-Threading, and so on.

- Python language standard library comes with POSIX bindings and support for all the usual OS tools like environment variables, files, sockets, pipes, processes, regular expression pattern matching, command-line arguments, shell-command launcher, filename expansion and etc.

- The Stackless Python system, used by EVE Online, that offer for advanced solutions to multiprocessing requirements.


GUIs (Graphical User Interface) :

- Python Language simplicity and rapidly provides graphical user interface programming.

- Python have the standard object-oriented interface to the Tk GUI API called tkinter (tkinter allows Pythons programs to implement portable GUIs with a native look and feel).
- For more details of the GUIs using Python today, see Python’s website at http://www.python.org .

- Higher-level toolkits of the Python such as PythonCard and Dabo are built on the base APIs, which is wxPython and tkinter.


Internet Scripting :

- Python Lanugage standard Internet modules which is allow Python programs to perform a huge number of variety of networking tasks, in client as well as dserver modes.

- In Python large number of collection of third-party tools are available on the Web for doing Internet programming in the Python.

- Full-blown web development framework are the Django, TurboGears, web2py, Pylons, Zope, and WebWare, support quick construction of full-featured and production-quality websites with Python.



Component Integration :

- Cython system that allows coders for mixing of the Python and C Language code.

- Jython is the Java-based implementation, The Iron-Python is the .NET-based implementation, and the various CORBA toolkits for Python, provide alternating way for the script components.


Database Programming :

- Python interfaces allows to most of used relational database systems like the Sybase, Oracle, Informix, ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more.

- The Python world has also define the portable database API for accessing SQL database systems from the Python script, which is looks like the same on a variety of underlying database systems.

- Python language standard pickle module provides the simplest object persistence system that allows programs to easily save and restore entire Python objects to files and file like the objects.


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