Top Open Source Operating System(OS) for IoT

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          The word OpenSource is introduced in 1998 and first OS introduced as Linux. That is very successful project and today now become giant role of the OpenSouce in the digital world. Now days OpenSource is addopted by th IoT companies like IBM, Samsung, Google, Huawei and ARM.

Here below shown the top Operating System for Internet Of Things. Keep in Mind : All OS have to common properties - Low memory footprint and High Power Efficency


Google Brillo :

Google made the an Android based OS for Embedded devices. Brillo run on low end devices with 32MB of RAM and 128Mb of ROM

Google Brillo OS support the WiFi, Blutooth, Thread technologies. Brillo is more secure compare to the other OS. Also it's supports the architecure is Intel, ARM and MIPS.

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Contiki OS :


It's introduced in 2002 and founder of Contiki is Adam Dunkels. Currently it's become the Open Soruce OS.

The main purpose of Contiki is providing Multitasking and suits on TCP/IP Stack protocol of Internet. Contiki smoothly work on constrained devices with 32KB of RAM and 30Kb of ROM.

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RIoT Operating System works on RealTime System. It was devloped in unversities of Germany and France. After that include by unversities of Berlins, ComputerScience Research institue of France and Humburg University of Appiled Sciences. It's under published by GNU License.

RIoT works based on microkernal architectures and runs with 8-32 bit microcontrollers. It has enhanced features like Multi Threading and IoT network Stack.

RIoT smoothly work on constrained devices with 1.5KB of RAM and 5Kb of ROM.

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Apache Mynewt OS:


Apache Mynews is Real Time Operating System and it's similar as the RIoT OS. Apache Mynewts is devloped under the apache foundation with Apache License 2.0 .

Mynewt work on constrained devices with 8KB of RAM and 64Kb of ROM.

Featurese of the Apache Mynewts OS is Preemptive MultiThreading, Priority-based Scheduling, Memory Heap and Pool allocation, MultiStage Software Watchdog.

Currently Apache Mynewts working on Arduino 0 , Arduino M0, Arduino 101, Arduino Primo.

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Zephyr OS:


Zephyr IoT Operating System is found by the Linux Foundation and that is licenced by the Apache 2.0 License.

Zephyr is newly Introduced Operating System. It's launched in February 2016 . It's contains single executable binary file that have no lodable kernal module because it's static compiled.

Zephyr is RealTime OS which can run with 8KB of Memory.

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Ubuntu Core OS:


It's released by Canonical company of the Ubuntu and recently released version is the Ubuntu Core 16 which name is Snappy.

Snappy includes the Kernal, Libraries and major different application which delivered as a Linux Application package and known as Snaps.

Ubuntu Core 16 size is 350 MB.

Ubuntu Core compitible with following Hardware.

  1. Qualcomm Dragonboard
  2. Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3
  3. Samsung Artik
  4. Intel Joule
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