Technical Strength of Python over other Programming Language

          Basically this thing always arise in Devloper's mind, What are the technical strength of Python ?. For the developers, here is shown top technical features or Strength of the Python like Portable, Powerful, Mixable, Object Oriented and etc.



Python is a Powerful Programming Language :

- Features perspective Python Language is hybrid.

- Python language toolset place between the traditional scripting languages like (Tcl, Scheme, and Perl) and Systems development languages like (C, C++, and Java) .

- Python Language provides use of scripting language with more advanced Software Engineering Tools.

- Python widely used in Large Scale devlopment Projects.

- Python ToolBox following features included :

  • ~ Dynamic typing
  • ~ Automatic Memory Management
  • ~ Programming-in-the-large support
  • ~ Built-in object types
  • ~ Built-in tools
  • ~ Library utilities
  • ~ Third-party utilities


Python Easy to Use :

- For Ruunning any Python program, you simple type and run it. There are no intermediate compiling and linking steps, like C or C++ Language.

- Python execute the programs immediately, which provides the an interactive programming experience.

- Python Language provides a deliberately simple syntax and powerful built-in tools.



Easy to Learn :

- Compare to other programming languages, Python language is very easy to learn. In fact, you can learn Python programs in a matter of days.

Python is Mixable :

- Python programs can easily be "GLUED" to components which is written in other Programmming languages.

- Mixing of Python with libraries written in language such as C or C++, for instance, makes it an easy to use front-end language and for customization tools.


Python is Portable.

- Python Language is available on :

  • ~ Linux and Unix systems
  • ~ Microsoft Windows and DOS (all modern flavors)
  • ~ Mac OS (both OS X and Classic)
  • ~ BeOS, OS/2, VMS, and QNX
  • ~ Real-time systems such as VxWorks
  • ~ Cray supercomputers and IBM mainframes
  • ~ PDAs running Palm OS, PocketPC, and Linux
  • ~ Cell phones running Symbian OS and Windows Mobile
  • ~ Gaming consoles and iPods


Python is Free Language :

- Python is free OpenSource Programming Language and you also fetch the Python System Source code from the internet with the Tcl, Perl, Linux and Apache

- There are no restrictions for copying Python Language and embedding it in your systems, or shipping it with your products.


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