Tips and Trick : How to increase speed of your Computer ?

           Here we are showing the different tricks for increasing speed of Computer and different Android Devices which will definately increase speed of your Computer and SmartPhone.


Trick : 1 For Computer

Step 1 : Press the WINDOWS button and type the run after that Press Enter.

Step 2 : Follow this Image :  Write the %temp%

Step 3 : Delete the All File from TEMP Folder.



Trick 2 : For Computer

Step 1 : Open Your My Computer or This PC.

Step 2 : Right Click on your System Drive and Open Properties.

Step 3 :After that onscreen you show this type of Option :

Step 4 : Click on Disk CleanUp Button

Step 4 : Follow below Image : Select all the box as same as below image and Click OK.


Restart your PC, Now Your Computer Speed Definetly Increased.


Our next Blog How to increase Speed of YourSmartPhone Devices.


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