Google I/O has new announcement with Android O

          Google I/O has just announced about Android O, Google Lense, Find My Device app, Google Assistant, Google Assistant on the iPhone, Google Home, Google Photos, Android Go, VR and AR, and Google for Jobs.



Google Lense :

- Google Lense is set of vision based computing capabilites that can understand what you looking at and help you taking action based on Information.

-For example, Your SmartPhone Camera focus on any perticular object and Google Lense give the full information about the that perticular Object.


Cloud Computing TPU

- Google Cloud Computing TPU basically optimizing for training and Informs.

-Each board of the TPU capalble for 180 Trilion operation per Second..

- Google includes the 64 Colud computing TPU in it's giant SuperComputer and that is now available as part of Google Computing Engine.



Google Find My Device app :

- Now you can download Google Find My Device App and it's directly compete with the Apple's Find My iPhone app.


Google Assistant

- Now Google makes the totally new Assistant with very huge updates.

- Google Assistant also include the Google Lense and image search.

- Now Google Assistant available for both Android and iOS.

- Cuurently Google Assistant for iOS is available only in US App Stores.


Android GO :

- Android GO is Lightweight version of the Android O.

-Android GO is generally for the cheaper and less expensive cost SmartPhone in which run the lightweight app of the Android.


Google for JOBs

- Now Google G-Suite help people to finding the JOB.

- Google Job comming out in next weeks, and intially available only in US.


Google I/O 2017 Conferance :

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