Avoid basic IoT mistake during the development of project/Application


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          Here we first get the statics or analysis about the common mistakes make the devloper while they are devloping the IoT Applications or IoT Projects.

We show all mistakes which is avoiding by the devloper when they are creating/devloping the project.


Mistake No 1 : They Forget About Scalability

Before you devlop any application you must predict about the how many number of people are visiting your application ? Devloper must be always prepared about the unpredicatble sudden load that maybe directly affect the your application speed or maybe crashed your application.

When we are starting the devloping at that time we must think about the scalability of the application and we make the application which is switch the load without affecting it's quality and speed.


Mistake No 2 : They Not Use the Existing FrameWorks


Basically any IoT application consits four level : 1. Device Itself, 2. Ingestion Layer (Application that collect the data and make sense of it), 3. Analytics Layer and 4. End-User Level.

Now Existing Framewroks provides the facilites to the devloper they only work with the two layer Analytics layer and End-User Layer other two layer handle by the frameworks. This things helps for time saving and reduce the complexity of the project/Application.

Most useful benefits is we can fast devlop the application and place into the market.

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Mistake No 3 : They are not give the priority to Security


Security is the first priority for the any IoT Application or Project because IoT is the first target of the any Hacker or we can say as prime target for Hacker.

To prevent against the Hacking of your application make the strong rule and planning about devopment of Unhackable Applications like preventing against code injection attacks also secure the sensitive information.


Mistake No 4 : They are not hosting Appropriate


Always host your application more than one data centers rather than single. It makes help about the fast response times, securing your data and provide the uninterrupted services.

Devlop IoT Application that increase the satisfaction level of the customers and they share the your application among different people for use. That can only done when devploper devloped the well and good applications.



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